Automation Planning

At what can seem a daunting task, you may ask just where do we start? What do we need? How much will it cost? What should our cost goals be?

That's where our water control team's 26 years in the Irrigation, Water Management and Agriculture industry comes in to play. Our team of professionals will walk you through every part of the automation journey - from hydraulics to fertilizer injection pumps - and of course the best smart irrigation control and monitoring system for your needs. With Branif, you get an end to end solution. The best part of it all is that our services have the same level of quality as our Water Management systems and follow the Branif Systems Value Process.


Our team of professionals who are highly specialized in Irrigation Control and Automation will design your automation system from start to finish, and determine what equipment is needed in the field - this includes the automation hardware and software but also the auxiliary equipment such as valves, flow meters, pumps, filters and more. Often times, we will work with an irrigation dealer to provide a complete solution that will go in conjunction with converting to Drip Irrigation. We'll also work with you to determine what tier of automation is best for your application.


Making existing hardware and equipment work seamlessly with an automation system is essential for the effectiveness of any Water Management platform, such as ours. We ensure every system installed is tested, verified and properly integrated with all equipment it directly and in directly controls. Further, our IRRInet system comes with built-in alert and fault detection, so now you'll know when a valve doesn't open, or your pressures are too high in real-time.


There is three types of wireless irrigation control and automation - Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3.

Each Tier offers more autonomy and advanced features than the next. Most Branif Systems come built-in with Tier 1, 2, and 3 automation capabilities at no additional cost. This gives you flexibility for future expansion without having to buy another smart irrigation control and monitoring system again. However, you are not paying for what you do not use, as Tier 2 and 3 do require a more advanced software which can be upgraded at any time in the future.